Steel Push Piers

Stop the damage with STEEL PUSH PIER Foundation Stabilization

One of the advantages of using push piers (often referred to as resistance piers) for foundation repair is that they use quiet, vibration free hydraulic equipment to install the steel resistance piers. After all of the steel push piers are installed and load tested, the structure can be immediately restored or lifted by transferring the load of the home to the piers. A measured factor of safety is verified, as the piers are 100% load tested to a force greater than the actual working load. This all means that you will get verified structural support for many years when you choose the steel push piers to be used on your structures foundation.

A push pier is an end-bearing pier that does not rely upon nor requires skin friction to produce support, unlike concrete cylinders. These push piers are able to develop a factor of safety because the piers are installed and load tested individually using the maximum weight of the structure as the reaction force. The ability of the system to develop significant factors of safety comes from the different foundation lifting methods used between pier installation and load transfer during restoration. Push Piers are driven individually and the entire structure works as the reaction. A friction reduction collar is attached to the lead section of the galvanized pier pipe. The purpose of the collar is to create an opening in the soil that has a larger diameter than the pier pipe. This dramatically reduces the skin friction on the pier pipe as it is driven into the soil and allows the installer to load test and verify that the pier encountered firm bearing stratum or rock that is suitable to support the design load. During load transfer or lift, high pressure hydraulic jacks are placed at multiple locations thus reducing the load on each resistance pier to only the design working load. These hydraulic jacks are connected to the Manifold System to provide a synchronized lift or stabilization of the structure. A building with substantial construction and rigidity can develop greater pier factor safeties than lighter or weaker structures.

Steel Push Pier Systems Advantages:

Tremendous lifting capacities
Installation from inside or outside a structure
Little disruption to landscaping
Full excavation or partial excavation is available
Requires minimal soil removal
Can reach deeper depths than other types of piers
Field load tested every time
Quick installation

01. Helical Piers

Stop the damage with HELICAL PIER Foundation Systems

02. Steel Push Piers

Stop the damage with STEEL PUSH PIER Foundation Stabilization

03. Micropiles

Micropiles for Foundation Stabilization
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Steel Push Pier Gallery

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