Basement Waterproofing

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A foundation is built to support the structure and keep water out, but over time the integrity of that foundation may be compromised. Due to the freeze-thaw cycle and hydrostatic pressure from within the earth, foundation walls can become bowed or cracked, causing foundation leaks. This issue can affect all types of foundations, from stone to concrete blocks to poured concrete—and the resulting water in your basement can lead to serious problems. Engineered Foundation Systems offers a range of waterproofing products from the industry leaders. We will custom tailor a waterproofing solution to fit your specific needs and finally stop the nuisance of water!

Indications of Water Entry:

Visible water ponding or flowing on floors
Moisture around floor/wall cracks
Efflorescence (a salt deposit left on wall-usually caused by water passing through)
Mold/mildew growth
Deterioration of walls due to moisture absorption
Paint on floors/walls bulging or flaking
Staining or damp spots on carpets

Some Benefits of Waterproofing:

Add livable, functional space
Increase resale value
Prevent mold/mildew and possible health risks

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